The Curly Cure, Founder Kim Boege

Hello Salon62 friends and family,

Today I want to introduce you all to our owner, Kim Boege's, most recent endeavor: The Curly Cure.  Kim decided to start The Curly Cure after she had a client come to her with a unique and extraordinary story.  Her client had gone through chemotherapy for cancer, lost all of her hair, and when it grew back it was curly.  She did not know what to do with her new curly locks, and knew that Kim could help her.  Since then Kim did research and noticed that this phenomenon of growing new curly hair after chemotherapy happens more often than not.  Thus, The Curly Cure began.

The Curly Cure aims to provide a loving approach and exceptional curly hair care education for those who have new found curly hair growth after losing their hair due to chemotherapy.  Our vision for The Curly Cure is to provide curly hair education, services and products to help people experience confidence with their new found hair. The Curly Cure wants everyone to love their curls. And finally enjoy no frizz and soft, beautiful curly hair.

Once a month Salon62 will offer a workshop with tips, tricks and products samples. Additionally, Curly Hair Advanced Stylist and owner, Kim Boege, will offer a gift certificate for a first time complimentary curly cut.

We have our first workshop on January 23rd at 11am at Salon62.

Please pass the word along to anyone and everyone who you think would be interested, and visit for more info and a place to sign up for the class! 

Thank you for your constant support and business. We are grateful to be a part of this community.


Emilie Boege

Kim BoegeComment